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Europa Universalis II - PC

Europa Universalis II - PC
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Europa Universalis II - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press F12 for the cheat window type any of the following "Codes" then press Ctrl F12 to exit cheat window:
dagama  6 Traders
pocahontas  6 Colonists
vatican  6 Diplomats
montezuma  50000 Ducats
swift  10000 Population to Capital
oranje  Sets Stability to 3
russianhordes  No Manpower Limits
difrules  Never Lose a Battle
columbus  Reveal Map
pappenheim  Toggles Fog of War
richelieu  Control All Military Units
wallenstein  Review Status of All Provinces
robespierre  Change Domestic Policy Freely
ney  Game Doesn't Pause When Event Occurs
gustavus  100 Ducats to Land Tech Investment
drake  100 Ducats to Naval Tech Investment
cromwell  100 Ducats to Infra Tech Investment
polo  100 Ducats to Trade Tech Investment
cortez  Toggle Natives
alba  Toggle Revolts
tilly  Toggle AI Declaring War
tordesillas  Toggle Effects of Treaty of Tordesillas
luther  Toggle Effects of Reformation
calvin  Toggle Effects of John Calvin
trent  Toggle Effect of Council of Trent
event  Trigger Event 10001076

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