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Exile 3 - PC

Exile 3 - PC
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Exile 3 - PC en Favori.

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Hex Cheats

The hex locations in the save file for the 4 soul crystal slots are 7920 7922 7924 and 7926. By editing these locations you will have the ability to summon pratically any monster to fight for you; even the ones that are impossible to capture with the spell. Imagine summoning an Order Mage or Vahnatai Lord or perhaps Erika Monsters that are larger than 1 square have screwed up graphics but work otherwise.

Heres a list of monsters and their hex values:

0A Mung Demon
0B Haakai
18 Vampire
19 Lich
27 Doomguard
34 UrBasilisk
37 Crystal Soul
39 Gazer
3A Eyebeast
3C Vahnatai Keeper
3D Vahnatai Bladesmaster
3E Vahnatai Lord
41 Wizard
42 Order Mage
46 Empire Archer
48 Evil High Priest
4A High Priest
4C Empire Dervish
50 Guard
62 Mutant Giant
72 Ogre Mage
D4 Naga
D5 Efreet
D9 Giant Slug
DB Rakshasa
E0 Elhioc
E4 Khoth
E8 Erica
EA Solburg
ED Rentar
EE Athron
EF Solfras
F4 Dark Wyrm
F6 Drake Lord
FB Pack Leader
FE Jewel Golem
FF Demon Golem

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