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F/A18 Korea - PC

F/A18 Korea - PC
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F/A18 Korea - PC en Favori.

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If you want to use any other plane in the game in a mission you can do that by typing in the callsignboxexample: If you want to use a Mig 21 you type in the callsignbox use:MG21 Then ALL the f18 planes in that mission are replaced by Mig 21 planes This is NOT the same cheat as the fly:MG2100 cheat this is only possible if the plane you want to fly is already somewhere in the mission The use: command replaces ALL f18 planes by the plane you want to use So if you want ALL f18 in the mission replaced by F14s then just type in the callsignbox use: F14D and ALL f18 in that mission are replaced by F14s

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