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FIFA Soccer 2005 - PC

FIFA Soccer 2005 - PC
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FIFA Soccer 2005 - PC en Favori.

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Recommended players:
Kieron Dyer might only be four and half stars, but is a lot better. He can run past anyone and is well worth buying.

Free kick:
In other to get a good free kick, you must stop the meter at the green spot and the ball must curved to fool the keeper. There is no need to bend the ball, because it bends itself. If you bend it, you will miss the goal. The meter must stop near the green spot. Just aim the ball by the side of keeper slightly to the right of your screen. There is no need to bend the ball and take the free kick. Try this in practice mode.

To score a free kick, put the target in the top corner of the side of the goal that the wall is standing in front of. Make sure that you do not press [Spin] and that the spin target is in the dead center of the ball. Put a fair amount of power in, but do not go near there. Also, make sure the accuracy is in the middle of the green. The ball will shoot over the wall and into the top corner.

Be Celtic or Rangers in career mode:
When you first try to start a career in Region 1, you will notice that you cannot be Celtic or Rangers. However, if you select "Back" then go in again several times, Celtic and Rangers will appear at the selection screen.

Changing teams in category:
When you start a new season and cannot find the team, go back then enter that category again. The teams will change.

Team selection in career mode:
If you cannot find your team in a region in career mode, choose that team as your "Own Team" in your profile in My FIFA 2005. You will then find that team listed first in its current region.

Strong team:
To play with a great team on career mode, first choose your favorite team on the beginning screen. Then, go to the player creation screen. Create the players that you want or need. At the team options screen, send them to your team, then go to career mode. In the screen that appears before the game (squad and formation screen), make the necessary substitutions. This is an easy way to play on professional or world class level, and give your players all the needed stats.

Successfully complete the following tasks to earn the corresponding number of points at the My FIFA store:

1,000 points Go To Career Mode

1,000 points Go To Jukebox

1,000 points Go To Practice Mode

1,000 points Go To Set Pieces Screen

1,000 points Go To Tournament Creator Mode

1,000 points Go To Tournament Mode

2,000 points 5 Game Win Streak (Career)

2,000 points Beat a 5 star team

2,000 points Beat a Rival Team

2,000 points Get a Clean Sheet

2,000 points Play a Football Fusion match

4,000 points Qualify For Europe

4,000 points Play Online

6,000 points Create a Player

6,000 points Get Your Team Promoted

6,000 points Win The MLS Open Cup

6,000 points Score a Hat Trick

6,000 points 10 Game Win Streak (Career)

6,000 points Win a Match with a National Team

6,000 points Win a PK Shootout

6,000 points Win by 5 + Goals

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