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Frogger - PC

Frogger - PC
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Frogger - PC en Favori.

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Cheat mode

Pause game play in single player mode. Turn on [Caps Lock] and turn off [Num Lock]. Slowly type one of the following codes. The name of the cheat will briefly appear at the bottom of the screen to confirm correct code entry. Note, once a cheat code has been enabled pressing [Esc] during game play will end the level.

Effect - Code
Unlimited lives - no more road splats
All zones - show me more zones please
All levels - way too hard for the likes of me
Infinite time - time flies when you're having trouble
Invincibility - i am the king of the world

Yellow Frog locations

Fifth truck level
Fourth lily pad level
Second leaf level
First crank level
Third bat level
Fifth cloud level
Third bony fish level
Fourth cactus level
The temple in the banana level

Avoiding bees

Hide behind stumps to avoid the bees.

Easy lives

Repeatedly play a level previously completed to get more lives.

Skip machine level

In the middle of level 1, you will see a platform with a Yellow Frog. Catch the frog and let time run out.

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