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Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade - PC

Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade - PC
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Genesis Rising: The Universal Crusade - PC en Favori.

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Cheat Editing: Upgrade Time, Costs
Change upgrade time and costs, timer settings and more by editing the Cruciform.cfg file in the game's \data folder. Open the file with Notepad and change whatever options you like.

Example: C:\Genesis Rising\data

Cheat Editing: More Blood
To get more blood and other options, you need to edit game_state.txt - This location is always changing because its added to your current save. But once you change your blood amount, it carries over to all missions.

Example: E:\Genesis Rising\save\1\autosave_asteroids@2007-03-30 08-39-44

Cheat Editing: Starting Ships, Gene Level, etc
To change all kinds of settings for your starting ships, and gene level you need to edit the file entities.set. This is another file that rebuilds in a new save folder, but again, once you change it, and that ship is still active, it carries over.

Example: E:\Genesis Rising\save\1\autosave_attack of the stones@2007-03-31 10-37-46

Note: Always make a backup of files before editing!

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