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Global Operations - PC

Global Operations - PC
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Single-Player Cheat:
To get free money, press F4 whilst in the buy screen.

Play as Terrorists (offline):
To unlocked Campaign 2 (terrorists), simply beat all 13 Campaign 1 missions, on any difficulty setting. Hit the ''Next'' button on the mission select screen to get to Campaign 2.

More money:
Use the following trick to start off with $4,100. Note: You must configure the "End" command to the button that you wish to use it with. Become Heavy Gunner, go to the buy screen, but do not buy anything. Instead, click next onto the reinsert screen. Once you deploy, press the "End" key. You will now have $4,100 to spend on any specialty.

Change Bot #
In the Crave\GlobalOperations\GlobalOps\attributes folder, there is a file called "singleplayer". If any of the levels are giving you a really hard time, you can edit this text file.

The file is in plain english and is where the number of bots is picked from. Most levels have 1 of each type of player: medic, commando etc. You will see a name of the character followed by a 1 or 0 (0 being "good guy" and 1 being "bad guy").

In the first round of play, you are a good guy -- in the "next" round of play -- your a bad guy.

Modify this file as desired and save. Always make a backup before overwriting the file.

Earning Money in Chechnya:
In this cheat, you must become a medic. You also must e a counter or you will be shot quickly. First, near the counter’s loading area, there is a place call The House. There is a fireplace inside that house. Call one of your members to cover you. When you bring your member into the house, shove him near the fireplace. And his life will drop very fast. Take out your med-kit before you do this. Then when his life drop to maybe 8%, heal him by pressing the left mouse button. Do not let him die. You will see your money increasing.

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