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Hunting Extreme 3D - PC

Hunting Extreme 3D - PC
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Hunting Extreme 3D - PC en Favori.

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Fly Above The Animals:
First go to EAST AFRICA 1915, then go up the big hill beside you. When on it look toward the rock wall in the middle of the region. There are two green spots, go to the second one and walk up the wall beside you. When facing the normal entrance go to the left side of the wall, half way up the left side you will see a small tree on the outside. Walk stright out over the tree, you will be flying and nothing can get you! You can walk just a little past the tree and still fly!

Go Under Water:
First go to the pliestonian age and go were there is water, and press the sneak button(space bar) and you will be under
water and can shoot animals who come over the water.

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