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Jack in the Dark - PC

Jack in the Dark - PC
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As the story begins you are an 8 year old girl locked within a shop full of "haunted" toys. Santa Claus has been captured and held prisoner by your nemesis in the game "One Eyed Jack=" a mean spirited jack in the box. Your impossible mission is to free Santa.

1: Get "Oil Lamp=" floor &"Toy Drum=" Chest
2: Behind counter find "DIME"&"BOOK". Read the book
3: Use "DIME" in Candy Machine on Counter.
4: "EMPTY""Oil Lamp=" on floor directly in front of attacking puppet.
5: Stand next to and right of open "Chest" and begin playing drum until 3 toys jump into chest.
6: Go to next room get "Vanity"and"Mirror".
7: Drop "Vanity" in front of and to the left out of the way of guards.
8: Get "Candy Stick=" that guards drop.
9: Give "Candy Stick=" to "One Eyed Jack=".
10: Use "Mirror" on "One Eyed Jack".

by GunSlinger

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