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LMA Manager 2005 - PC

LMA Manager 2005 - PC
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LMA Manager 2005 - PC en Favori.

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Code - Effect

8Y2CP9RNJF2RC - Penalty cards not used
0TXYU7TKLNHCB - Players move at max speed
FPPWMPFTPG2CC - Players have max stats
M9WXHWBK333Q5 - Players never grow old
JRFTREXF39RDF - Players recover in one turn
39YN5T4VLH5P8 - Recruit any player
H442FYVE497J4 - No limit money
EL8A6CXRHE525 - Stadium always packed
GRCM8AJVMANLF - Crowd cheering pitch change (high)
355FQPHWLBQTD - Crowd cheering pitch change (low)
NKYG45QCBKT39 - Manager cannot get fired unless relegated out
2XPYPL5FWKH9B - Low gravity stadium
VCXEKE7AATQ50 - Adds $500 Million credits
8YPB5RABVQF50 - Ball has trails
YUMKQB992YTV4 - Support staff has max statistics
07D6YL7JA43RD - Comical sound effects
8LFPNQK57VB46 - Team training is at maximum
5RHYG1Y7EM476 - Transfers may occur at any time
4FHPMBNLHWF2B - Transfers are not permitted
7GT3V8RW891XB - Increase board expectations
MTYXT99WA6DXA - Youth recruits have 100% potential
AVQ9P3X4JKPT3 - Weather is always rain
KR7FGQMPYN1WF - Weather is always snow
TG7Q4XENHDKC1 - Weather is always sun

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