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Last Rites - PC

Last Rites - PC
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Last Rites - PC en Favori.

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R /LEV /MUS /MSN /SKIP /NOMUSIC /VGA /SKIP simply puts you right into a level with going thru any other screens. /LEV is the switch that goes to any level
(but with the default weapon and health as if starting a new
game in level 1).

The syntax is:
LR /LEV LEVELSMISSxx where xx is the level number.

Apparently what this does is replace level 1 with the given level. This means that starting a new will give the mission briefing for level 1 and show
the "Loading Level 1" screen. Saving and loading saved games works just fine, but if the game is exited and restarted, the same command line must be used to
restore a saved game. The level numbers and the MISSxx files don't exactly
match up.

Here's the table:

Number Of Levels = 11
Level 1 = levelsmiss01
Level 2 = levelsmiss07
Level 3 = levelsmiss04
Level 4 = levelsmiss05
Level 5 = levelsmiss06
Level 6 = levelsmiss08
Level 7 = levelsmiss09
Level 8 = levelsmiss10
Level 9 = levelsmiss11
Level 10 = levelsmiss12
Level 11 = levelsmiss13

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