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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - PC

Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - PC
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Leisure Suit Larry: Magna Cum Laude - PC en Favori.

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Nude mode

First, beat the game. Then buy "Everybody Naked!" at the bar. This secret costs 269 secret tokens and can be turned on in the bonus options of the Extras section.


If you enter the large gold doors on Nice Street and then go to the right of the doors you will find a man with a mohawk. This man sells the following naughty art: Naughty 1
Bonus Art 2
Loading Screen 2


The vibrantly-mohawked Nigel is located in several places throughout the game and he can sell you call kinds of unlockable items (art, strip games, etc). Post-makeover-Russell can do the same for you as well, though, later on in the game.

Watch Movies

In order to switch the opening cinemas of the game with any one of the cut scenes you must rename one of these three files to one of the 18 movies below. Then when you start up the game, the designated cinema will play instead of the intro. Note: Make a backup of the original files before editing them.

Logo.sfd: Danger High Voltage Software
Sierra.sfd: Sierra Intro
VUG.sfd: Vivendi Universal Intro
Location of the cut scenes: C:\program files\VUGames\Leisure Suit Larry - Magna Cum Laude\Data\Cinema\FMV
Attract.sfd : Larry Game Trailer
DG5NBWGK.sfd: Ione Ending
DG5NBWGL.sfd: Ione(L) Ending
DL1NBWGU.sfd: Sierra Intro 2
DL5NBWGC.sfd: Barbara Jo Ending
DL5NBWGG.sfd: Morgan Ending
DL5NBWGR.sfd: Suzi Ending
DL5NBWGU.sfd: Koko Ending
Ending.sfd: Game Ending
Intro.sfd: New Game Intro
LB5NBWGO.sfd: Beatrice Ending
SL5NBWGN.sfd: Tilly Ending
ST1NBWGX.sfd: Zanna Ending
Tier1FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 1
Tier2FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 2
Tier3FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 3
Tier4FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 4
Tier5FMV.sfd: Swingles Challenge 5


For the peep hole in the sorority there is a nude girl on the right that is just out of the picture. Change the X and Y axis controls and you will now be able to look far enough over to see the completely naked girl.

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