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MDK 2 - PC

MDK 2 - PC
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MDK 2 - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press and type:

mdkGobSetDamageFiltermdkGetPlayerGob0 Invulnerability
mdkNewGame112 Jump to Level 1
mdkNewGame212 Jump to Level 2
mdkNewGame312 Jump to Level 3
mdkNewGame412 Jump to Level 4
mdkNewGame511 Jump to Level 5
mdkNewGame68 Jump to Level 6
mdkNewGame711 Jump to Level 7
mdkNewGame88 Jump to Level 8
mdkNewGame913 Jump to Level 9
mdkNewGame107 Jump to Level 10 Final
mdkNewGame111 Jump to Level 10 1 Special
mdkNewGame121 Jump to Level 10 2 Special
KurtGetNaked Kurt is Naked Start a Level with Kurt in it

You will need to reenter the code after block changing. Just press and press the Up arrow for the last command entered.
Submitted by CyberMan

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