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Medal of Honor: Spearhead - PC

Medal of Honor: Spearhead - PC
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Medal of Honor: Spearhead - PC en Favori.

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Everything remains the same as MOHAA except that +set cheats 1 comes before set ui_console 1

To enable cheat mode, start the game with the following parameters (Right click a shorcut and edit the properties):

+set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

To enable cheats for saved games, load the game and open the console and type: loadlastgame +set cheats 1. Your game will reload and cheats should work now.
Submitted by Mike Tran

C:\MOHAA\moh_spearhead.exe +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey 1

If your target contains quotations, you must put the parameter OUTSIDE of the quotations.

"C:\MOHAA\moh_spearhead.exe" +set cheats 1 +set ui_console 1 +set thereisnomonkey

Then, while in the single-player game, press "~" to bring up the console and type any of the codes listed below:

dog - God Mode
fullheal - Full Health
wuss - All Weapons & Ammo
noclip - No Clipping (Go Through Walls)
notarget - Show Game Version
fullheald - Heal player
listinventory - List of the player's inventory
tele x y z - Teleport to x,y,z location
coord - Prints out current location and angles
health - set current health
kill - Kills the player
toggle cg_3rd_person - Toogles 3rd person view
giveweapon weapons/''weapon_name''.tik - Gives the specified weapon
set sv_walkspeed < number > - Set walking speed
Submitted by Nolan
wartrance - go to the next level
Submitted by Hadewij
maplist - show you all levels
Submitted by Lucas

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