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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - PC

Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - PC
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Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - PC en Favori.

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First backup your game then using the DOS utility DEBUG type the following at the DOS prompt:

ren std.exe std.cht
ren city.exe city.cht
ren club.exe club.cht
ren moon.exe moon.cht
n std.cht
e 1a81 eb
e 10c6 0
e 136e 0
n city.cht
e 6adf 0
e 10b0 0
e 1146 0
e 1404 0
n club.cht
e 1ad7 0
e 1edf 0
e 1ef3 0
n moon.cht
e 225e 90 90 90 90
e 3264 eb 0c
ren std.cht std.exe
ren city.cht city.exe
ren club.cht club.exe
ren moon.cht moon.exe

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