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Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock - PC

Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock - PC
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Nancy Drew: Secret of the Old Clock - PC en Favori.

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To get hints, you can only use the coin-phone (pay-phone) outside the motel. Use a nickel to call the operator, then ask for Carson Drew or Bess Marvin Voila.

Money needs:
You'll earn money frum the newspaper guy at @ Tubby's Telegraphs. He'll pay you 25c for each letter (telegram) you deliver to someone.

To find a passageway, go into the Lilac Inn, turn to the left, enter that room, then face the window seat to the right. Click on the right side of it. Pull the lever and the seat will open. Inside, it'll feel like your being followed---are you....? Also a pig-bank containing about $1 dollar willl be smashed on the ground. At the end, you'll find a dorr into Mr. Topham's house

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