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Need for Speed: Underground - PC

Need for Speed: Underground - PC
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Need for Speed: Underground - PC en Favori.

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Go to the Main Manu, then go to Statics Menu, go back again pressing "Delete".
Now enter a code below:

gimmesomecircuits----Unlock Circuits
gimmesomesprints----Unlock Sprint Circuits
gimmesomedrag---- Unlock Drag Circuits
gimmeppablo----Unlock Pety Pablo
gotcharobzombie----Unlock Rob Zombie
havyamystikal ----Unlock Mystikal
needmylostprophets----Unlock Lost Prophets
119focus----Get Car
893neon----Get Car
899eclipse----Get Car
371impreza----Get Car
222lancer----Get Car
922sentra----Get Car
667tiburon----Get Car
334mygolf----Get Car
777rx7----Get Car
350350z----Get Car
111skyline----Get Car
221miata----Get Car
2000s2000----Get Car
889civic----Get Car
228supra----Get Car
342integra----Get Car
239celica----Get Car
973rsx777----Get Car
allmylvloneparts----All Level One Parts
allmylvl2parts----All Level Two Parts

Above cheats submitted by ccarlos801

Bigger/Smaller Rims

It is possible to put bigger/smaller rims on cars, because the size in inches changes from car to car, e.g. the Honda civic level 3 rims are 19", the Mazda rx7 level 3 are 20", etc.

Install the rims you like on the car you have. Then, trade your car in for a car that has rims of that level bigger or smaller than your car. Return to the rim customization screen and pick the same rims on that car. Although they already are installed, you must reinstall them for the game to register the size change. Clicking on next will simply ask you if you want to install the rims, although they already are, say yes. Then, go and trade your car back for what you had and it will keep the rim size you put on. On some cars, bigger rims will make them go through the fenders.

Drift Circuits

Enter Driftdriftbaby to unlock all drift circuits.

Drifting Physics in All Modes

On the main menu, type in: Slidingwithstyle

Easy Drag Races

Having a hard time completing a drag race? Strip your car of every performance upgrade except handling and brakes. Your opponents will automatically do the same thing. This makes it easier to make a perfect shift everytime. This will work in all races except the ones that say you have to have a fast car.

Flip Cars

First "draft" a car until your front bumper touches the opponent's rear bumper, then hit the Nitrous and your opponent's car will be flipped.

Points for 360 in Drift

When you are in drift mode you can get some extra points for doing doughnuts. Hold one direction and the handbrake and gas and let go of the handbrake after a second. You'll just sit there and do doughnuts. This won't get you massive points but it's something.

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