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Nocturne - PC

Nocturne - PC
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Nocturne - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press F10 and type any of the following "Codes":
godgames God Mode
winblows All Weapons and Ammo
skeletonkey Gives Skeleton Key
moreammo Gives More Ammo
goremode Toggles Gratuitous Dismemberment
buringstake Gives Flaming Tip Arrows
thunderstorm Rains Outside
snowstorm Snows Outside
bighead Big Head Mode
healme Restores Health
silver Gives 500 Silver Bullets
aqua Gives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets
mercury Gives 500 Mercury Bullets
oldhat Stranger Wears Alternate Hat
goldmode Tells you "buy FLY"
freezer Toggles Enemy Freezing
ifarted Gas Mask for Stranger
headofhorrorsEnable bigboom Code below
bigboom Instant Kill
rechargeRenew Battery

Various Cheats First Patch

iamacheatingbastard God Mode
gimmecrap All Weapons and Ammo God Mode
ebola Kill Surrounding Creatures
t2000 Look Like Terminator 2000
layitonme Gives Ammo
amonra Gives Radiance Emitter
driveby Gives Tommygun
torchmyass Gives Flamethrower
tntrules Gives Dynamite
woodenstakegun Gives Wooden Stake Crossbow
shotgunshell Gives Shotgun and 500 Shells
torchtip Flaming Arrows
dumbogun Gives Elephant Gun
baronsaturday Summons Baron
reallycold Freezes Creatures
keysuper Gives Skeleton Key
oldhat Changes Hat
bandaid Restores Full Health
silver Gives 500 Silver Bullets
aqua Gives 500 Aqua Vampire Bullets
mercury Gives 500 Mercury Bullets
youfarted Gas Mask for Stranger
pinkbunny Renew Battery

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