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Outcast - PC

Outcast - PC
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FAQ/Walkthru v0.4

Outcast - Astuces Soluces
by CJayC

File Editing

First make a backup of the file outcast.ini which is located in the game's directory before making any changes. Then open the file up with any text editor. Now just experiment with any of the values such as under WeaponMerchant is the cost of each item listed and you can make the value anything you wish.

Various Cheats

During gameplay type HOKKUSPOKKUS to enable cheat mode. Now press F12 and enter any of the following "Codes":
ARSENAL All Weapons
AMMOFLOW Infinite Ammo
DYNAMIT Dynamite
KILLSOLDIERS Kill All Enemies in Level
FLY Toggle Fly Mode
BENNY No Clipping
POW Energy is
POINTS Show Points
QUIT Quit Game
NEIGE Ranzaar
TEMPLES Shamazaar
VILLE Okriana
MARCHES Okasankaar

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