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Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - PC

Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - PC
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Psi Ops: The Mindgate Conspiracy - PC en Favori.

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In the main game screen, highlight "Extra Content" and press the Aura View key (usually the 'V' key) and you will hear a special sound, and a console will apear. Use the codes below to unlock Skins, Modes, Bonus Missions and cheats. The (?) means that the code doesn't seem to work. BM Stands for 'Bonus Mission' PM for 'Play Modes', S for 'skins' and C for cheats SWP for 'Skin With Powers'

454566: Crispy Soldier S
364654: Dockworker S
978798: Dr. Kimiko Jones S
497878: Edgar Barret SWP
154897: Unlocks Bottomless Pit BM
05051979: Unlocks Arcade PM
659785: Unlocks Aura Pool BM
568789: Unlocks Bouncy, Bouncy BM
07041979: Unlocks Cooperative PM
465486: Unlocks Dark PM
05120926: Unlocks Floor of Death BM
9442662: Unlocks Gasoline BM
154684: Unlocks Gear Shift BM
456878: Unlocks Gnomotron BM
76635766: Unlocks Panic Room BM
565485: Unlocks Psi Pools BM
945678: Unlocks Stoplights BM
7734206: Unlocks Survival PM
428584: Unlocks Tip the Idol BM
090702: Unlocks TK Alley BM
020615: Unlocks Up and Over BM

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