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Quake II: Ground Zero - PC

Quake II: Ground Zero - PC
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Quake II: Ground Zero - PC en Favori.

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Various Give Cheats

Press to bring down the console then type give xxxx where xxxx is one of the following:

ETF Rifle
Plasma Beam
Prox Launcher
Double Damage
Hunter Sphere
Defender Sphere
Vengeance Sphere
AM Bomb
IR Goggles

Various Map Cheats

First press then type map xxxx where xxxx is one of the following:

1Player Maps:
RMINE1 Lower Mines
RMINE2 Mine Engineering
RLAVA1 Thaelite Mines
RLAVA2 Tectonic Stabilizer
RWARE1 Eastern Warehouse
RWARE2 Waterfront Storage
RBASE1 Logistics Complex
RBASE2 Tactical Command
RHANGAR1 Research Hangar
RHANGAR2 Maintenance Hangars
RSEWER1 Waste Processing
RSEWER2 Waste Disposal
RAMMO1 Munitions Plant
RAMMO2 Ammo Depot
RBOSS Widow's Lair

Multiplayer Maps:
RDM1 The Low Road
RDM2 The High Road
RDM3 Boxed In
RDM4 Razor Close
RDM5 Stone Hinge
RDM6 Nexus
RDM7 Sewer Citadel
RDM8 Styx and Stones
RDM9 Scenic Overlook
RDM10 Great Divide
RDM11 Dish It Out
RDM12 Fall From Grace
RDM13 Roads To Nowhere
RDM14 Rogue's Edge

Misc. Maps:

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