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ReVolt - PC

ReVolt - PC
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ReVolt - PC en Favori.

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Change Car Parameters

In the cars folder go into any folder of the car you want to change the parameters for. Then open the file Parameters.txt and change the TopSpeed line to anything you want. You can also change other things such as acceleration steering rate wheel size and more.

Various Cheats

At the Name Wheel enter any of the following "Codes". Once entered you can return to the wheel and enter your proper name:
carnival All Cars
sadist Select Weapons InGame with RightShift
tracker All Tracks
changeling Change Car During MidRace
makeitgood Activated InGame Editors
tvtime Enables F5 and F6 Cameras
drinkme Small Cars
urco UFO Selectable

Other cheats

givestar - with this you are having a star and you can stop the cars!
Submitted by bener

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