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Rise of the Triad - PC

Rise of the Triad - PC
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Rise of the Triad - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

First enter ECC to enable the following codes:

GTL Go to another level
GOO Restart current level
REL Reenter level
L8R Exit to DOS
ECL Exit current level
FUN Pause and enter rotation mode use mouse
EKG Extreme Gib mode
LEE Game jukebox
WWW Woundless with weapons.GOD God mode temporary invulnerability
DOG Dog mode temporary invulnerability
MER Mercury mode flying
SHR Shrooms mode drunk?
ELA Elasto mode bounce; no friction
RFA Enable autorun
PAN Reset to normal; full health; no modes keys or extra guns
OOF Hurt yourself
DIE Kill yourself
DON Light diminishing on
DOF Light diminishing off
FON Fog on
FOF Fog off
SON Light sourcing on
SOF Light sourcing off
CON Turn off floor and ceiling textures
COF Turn on floor and ceiling textures
BAR Bulletproof armor
FAR Asbestos armor
GAR Gas mask
GAI Get items keys bulletproof armor health
BUM Get all keys required to finish the level
OFP Outfit player bulletproof armor keys heatseeker and in the registered version a split missile
GW2 Double pistols
GW3 MP40 machine gun
GW4 Bazooka
GW5 Heakseeker
GW6 Drunk missile
GW7 Firebomb
GW8 Flamewall
GW9 Hand of god permanent god mode
GWA Split missile
GWB Kinetic energy sphere
GWC Excalibat
GWD Dog weapon permanent dog mode
CAM Missile camera on/off
HUD HUD on/off xyroom coordinates
MAP Show entire map doesn't work from the map

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