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Space Empires: Starfury - PC

Space Empires: Starfury - PC
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Space Empires: Starfury - PC en Favori.

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Press ~ during game play to display the console window. Then, enter one of the following codes and press ~ again:

Result - Code:
Repair ship - rep
Show all objects on system map - sysmapall
Show firing points and weapon arcs of ships - showfiringpoints
Show center of all objects - showmodelcenter
Show ID of targets - showtargetid
Toggle ship model - hideship
Toggle targeting reticle - hidereticle
Invincibility - inv
Additional 1,000,000 credits - credits
Next experience level - level
View collision boundaries - collisiongrid
Long range scan at full distance - lrs
Other ships stop - nomove
Other ships do not move or shoot - stop

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