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Splinter Cell - PC

Splinter Cell - PC
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Splinter Cell - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

For the demo version press Tab to activate the console window. Type one of the following codes and press Enter to turn on the cheat function. In the full game it is reported you have to press F2 then enter a cheat code below:

Results: -- Code:
Full health -- health
Invisibility -- invisible 1
Disable invisibility -- invisible 0
Full ammunition -- ammo
Flight mode -- fly
No clipping mode -- ghost
Disable flight and no clipping modes -- walk
Freeze enemies -- playersonly
No enemies -- killpawns

Code: -- Result:
invincible 1 -- God mode
invincible 0 -- Disable God mode
stealth -- View stealth amount
playersonly 1 -- Freeze enemies
playersonly 0 -- Unfreeze enemies
summon -- Spawn indicated item


F2 or TAB, then:
stealth -- shows you your noise-data
mission -- makes you win the mission
Submitted by Viktor Iancu

Item names:

Use one of the following with the summon code:


Gives F2000

summon echeloningredient.eAmmoF2000

Gives Ammo for F2000

summon echeloningredient.eRingAirfoilRound

Gives Ring Airfoil Projectile

summon echeloningredient.eStickyShocker

Gives Sticky Shocker

summon echeloningredient.eSmokeGrenade

Gives Smoke Grenade

summon echeloningredient.eStickyCamera

Gives Sticky Camera

summon echeloningredient.eDiversionCamera

Gives Diversion Camera

summon echeloningredient.eFn7

Gives Fn7

summon echeloningredient.eAmmoFn7

Gives Ammo for Fn7

summon echeloningredient.eLockPick

Gives Lock Pick

summon echeloningredient.eLaserMic

Gives Laser Mic

summon echeloningredient.eCameraJammer

Gives Camera Jammer

summon echeloningredient.eOpticCable

Gives Optic Cable

summon echeloningredient.eDisposablePick

Gives Disposable Lock Pick

summon echeloningredient.eWallMine

Gives Wall Mine

summon echeloningredient.eChemFlare

Gives Chemical Flare

summon echeloningredient.eFlare Gives

Emergency Flares

summon echeloningredient.eFragGrenade

Gives Frag Grenade

summon echeloningredient.eMedKit

Gives Medical Kit

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