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StarCraft: Brood War - PC

StarCraft: Brood War - PC
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StarCraft: Brood War - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Enter and enter any of the following "Codes" then press Enter again:
show me the money 10000 Added to Minerals and Gas
whats mine is mine 500 Minerals
breathe deep 500 Vespene Gas
something for nothing Everything Upgraded
operation cwal Faster Building and Instant Upgrades
the gathering Unlimited Psionic Ability
power overwhelming Invincible Buildings and Ships
war aint what it used to be Remove Fog of War
food for thought Ignore Supply Limit When Building Units
black sheep wall Full Map
noglues Opponent has No Psionics
modify the phase variance Build Anything
medieval man Free Upgrades to Units
there is no cow level Win Game
ophelia Enable Mission Select
terranxx Mission Select Whereas xx is the Mission Number
zergxx Mission Select Whereas xx is the Mission Number
protossxx Mission Select Whereas xx is the Mission Number
staying alive Continue After Mission Completed
game over man Lose Game
radio free zerg Zerg Song

Secret Level Zerg

Win Level 9 The Reckoning in under twenty minutes. This will unlock a secret level for the Zerg. But you must save it at the start of the level in order to play it again since it does not appear on the level list permanently.

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