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Starlancer - PC

Starlancer - PC
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Starlancer - PC en Favori.

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Mission and Ship Select

At the Main Menu hold Ctrl and type potatoe. M1 will appear in the upperleft corner of the screen which stands for Mission 1. Use the numbers of the keyboard to change it to M2 M3 M4 and so on. After selecting the desired mission hold Ctrl Enter at the same time until the ship selection screen appears.

After selecting the mission hold Shift and press one of the following function keys:

F1 Predator
F2 Naginata
F3 Grendel
F4 Crusader
F5 Coyote
F6 Mirage IV
F7 Tempest
F8 Patriot
F9 Wolverine
F10 Reaper
F11 Shroud
F12 Phoenix

Hex Cheat

Save a game with the title cheat. Now quit and open up that savegame file with any hex editor. Find the offset 46 and change it to 08 for all ships. Find the offset 4A and change it to 03 for all weapons.

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