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Surf's Up - PC

Surf's Up - PC
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Surf's Up - PC en Favori.

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Main Menu -> Extras -> Cheat Codes
enter the desired cheat from the list below and hit enter

Cheat Codes:
IMTHEBEST - New character - Tank Evans

SLOWANDSTEADY - New character - Geek

THELEGEND - New character - Zeke Topanga

KOBAYASHI - New character - Tatsuhi Kobayashi

SURPRISEGUEST - New character - Elliot

TINYBUTSTRONG - New character - Arnold

FREEVISIT - Gives access to every championship location

GOINGDOWN - Unlocks all Leaf Sliding locations

DONTFALL - Enables Bonus Mission 'Legendary Wave' in 'Pen Gu North'

MYPRECIOUS - Unlocks all boards

NICEPLACE - Unlocks Art Gallery

WATCHAMOVIE - Unlocks Video Gallery & Spen Gallery

TOPFASHION - Unlocks customizations for all characters

we also found the following 5 cheatcodes but don´t know
what they are supposed to do. anyway here they are.






from PWZ

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