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Test Drive - PC

Test Drive - PC
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Test Drive - PC en Favori.

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Best Cars In The Game

The way to get one of the cars is in the Monte Carlo races, when you beat all the races you'll get several cars but the best one is the (Jaguar XJ220). It has a V6,it's top speed is 218 MPH, and goes 0-60 MPH = 3.8 Seconds.
The Second car is the (2001 Dodge Concept Viper GTS-R). It has a V10, top speed is 235 MPH, and goes 0-60 MPH = 3.0 Seconds. At the end of the game you will play a guy named (Vasily) he has this car, but when you win the car, clark takes everything and challenges you to 4 (point 2 point) to races in all 4 cities. If you win you get all the Cars you won, to keep!!!!!!!!

Cars you can unlock

Beat the tracks in these cities and you will get these cars

San Fransico Chevrolet Corvette L-88, Jaguar XK-R, Lotus Espirit V8, Lotus Elise

London Chevrolet Chevelle SS 454, Skeeter's Pontiac GTO and Aston Martin DB7 Vantage Police Car, Lotus Espirit V8 Police Car, and Jaguar XK-R Police car MonteCarlo Aston Martin DB7 Vantage, Chevrolet Corvette Z06, TVR Cebera Speed 12, Ford SVT Mustang Cobra R and Jaguar XJ220 Police Car, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Police Car, and TVR Cebera Speed 12 Police Car

Tokyo Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec, Dodge Charger, Subaru Impreza 22B, Shelby Series 1 and Nissan Skyline GT-R V-Spec Police Car, Subaru Impreza 22B Police Car, and Toyota Supra Police Car

do what is said to win these cars

Dodge Viper GTS- Win in track 27

Dodge Viper GTS-R Concept- Defeat Clark in all races

Ford GT- Defeat Vasily in all races

Ford Mustang- Win in track 7

Jaguar XJ220- Win in track 33

Reese's Chevy Camaro- Win in track 9

Shelby Cobra 427 SC- Win in track 5

Skeeter's Chevy Chevelle- Win in track 16

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