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Thing Thing Arena 2 - PC

Thing Thing Arena 2 - PC
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Thing Thing Arena 2 - PC en Favori.

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Getting the Mini Vulcan:
Kill the cashier in Practice mode. To do this, get as much ammo for the laser as possible. Then, go behind the cashier counter. Go behind the cashier. Get close enough so that the laser is almost past his head, but enough to hit him. Start shooting. After awhile he will start shooting back, but do not worry. He cannot kill you because you are past his gun's range but are still close enough to hit him.

Recommended weapons for Stinky Bean Survival:
The best weapon for Stinky Bean is the HF laser pistol. It kills fast. Also try the HK 69. It kills in one shot and has a large area of effect.

Recommended weapons for Super Survival:
The best weapon for Super Survival is the Gauss gun or the HK 69. The Gauss gun goes through enemies and is a one hit kill. The Hk 69 is a one hit kill weapon and kills every opponent about four times the size of the explosion

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