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UFO: Aftermath - PC

UFO: Aftermath - PC
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UFO: Aftermath - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

Enable cheats by going to the game directory and looking for the file config.cfg. Open it with a test editor (like Notepad) and add the line:

KEY "cheats" BOOL TRUE

Now during gameplay to enter a code press Shift ~ to get the console and enter a code below:

quickloseLose Mission
quickwinWin Mission
visibilityShow area
hitpointsView hitpoints
allplansView Paths
destroyobjDestroy Object
unitshiddenSee through units
cancontrolNo mind control
flarePop flare
canparalyseNo paralysis effects
quickabsolutevictoryWin and get items
enemiesView enemies
scenemodeView textures

Cheats for the Global Strategic View:

ALLITEMSGet All Weapons
FINISHRDFinish Research
HIREUNITGet new Member

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