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Urban Chaos - PC

Urban Chaos - PC
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Urban Chaos - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press F9 and type BANGUNSNOTGAMES to enter Debug Mode. You will also be Invulnerable. Now press F9 again and enter any of the following "Codes":
BOO Cluster of Explosions
CRINKLES Turn Crinkles On/Off
DARCI Control Officer D'arci
ROPER Control Roper
FADE Sets Fog Fade Level to
WORLD Select Music
AMBIENT Set Ambient Light RGB
WIN Win Level
LOSE Lose Level
CCTV Everything Turns Fluorescent Green
VTX Dumps Garbage into a File
TELW Goto Important Game Point
TELS Save a Waypoint on the Map
TELR Return to a Saved Waypoint

Submitted by: Devin Crowley

More Various Cheats

Q Show Car Paths
W Make Rain Ripples
E Make Random Vehicle
R Make Explosive Barrel
I Show Pedestrian Walking Areas
or Toggle Enemy View
P Turn Enemy View On/Off
; Slow Motion On/Off
' Pause/Unpause Action
>Fart Smoke
/ Stealth Debug On/Off
Ctrl Show Stats Characters Other Info
G Move Forward 10 Feet or Onto Upper Ledge
J Coordinates Grid Show
L Create Light
F11 Clouds On/Off
F12 Creates Game Weapons
F3 Exits Game
Numpad 7 Select Game Effect
5 Execute Game Effect
3 Weird Orange Fog

Submitted by: Devin Crowley

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