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Warzone 2100 - PC

Warzone 2100 - PC
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Warzone 2100 - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats for Version 1.01

Press T then type any of the following "Codes" and press Enter:
time toggle Mission Timer Toggle
get off my land All Enemy Units Die
show me the power 1000 Extra Power
hallo mein schatz Skip Mission
work harder Complete Active Research
double up All Units Twice as Powerful
timedemo View Frame Rate and Graphics Engine Data
kill selected Kill Selected Units
easy Easy Difficulty
normal Normal Difficulty
hard Hard Difficulty
version View Game Compilation Date
whale finUnlimited Power
john kettleyChange Clear Snow and Rainy Sky
carol vorderman Display Programmer Message
biffer baker Units Almost Indestructible
sparkle green Stronger Units
mouseflip ???
shakey Toggles Screen Shaking When Unit Explodes
how fast Display Game Speed
demo mode ???

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