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Witchaven 2 - PC

Witchaven 2 - PC
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Witchaven 2 - PC en Favori.

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Various Cheats

During gameplay press Backspace type any of the following "Codes" then press Enter:
marketing God Mode
weapons All Weapons
enchant Enchant Weapons
spells All Spells
scare Cast Scare Spell
nightvision Cast Nightvision Spell
nuke Cast Nuke Spell
freeze Cast Freeze Spell
magicarrow Cast Magic Arrow Spell
opendoors Cast Open Doors Spell
fly Cast Fly Spell
fireball Cast Fireball Spell
potions All Potions
strength Drink Strength Potion
health Drink Health Potion
curepoison Drink Cure Poison Potion
resistfire Drink Resist Fire Potion
armor Adds Armor
keys All Keys
invis Invisibility
levelx Level Select x is 115
nobreak No Broken Weapons
showmap Full Map
experience Add 10000 Experience Points
herotime Start Hero Time
intracop IntraCop Contact and Company Info
list List Type Position of Actors
showobjects Show Actors and Objects on Map
pentagram Receive Pentagram
scareme Shows Flashing Skull
shield Receive Midian Shield
shield2 Receive Ciraen Shield
spikeme View Death Pit Sequence
killme Commit Suicide

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