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Zeddas: Servant Of Sheol - PC

Zeddas: Servant Of Sheol - PC
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Zeddas: Servant Of Sheol - PC en Favori.

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Bell Tower:
From the castle entrance, unlock the left door with the Mars key.There are four floors to the tower. A book in the library provides some hints about solving the puzzles in this area.

Level One:
Click on the fountain heads to reveal six buttons. They should look familiar from the book in the library.

Which ones to push? Take a closer look at the book in the library. Are
some marked a particular way?

Click these three buttons:

|/ | /|
/| | |

Game Hint:
Explore and get used to the castle layout, including the second floor. At the beginning of the game, the most important areas are the chapel and the library. Read the books, take notes and copy the pictures; they contain explicit hints for puzzles. Grab the pages from the back of the book, and take them each (one by one) to the witch in the chapel for some general hints.

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