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DJ Max Portable 2 - PSP

DJ Max Portable 2 - PSP
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DJ Max Portable 2 - PSP en Favori.

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Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding gear.

Effect - Code
Alien - Reach level 99.
Aqua Spinel - Reach level 53.
Golden - Complete the "Score Attack" mission.
Green Miles - Play 4 songs (excluding missions).
Hello Pinky - Reach level 39.
Method - Win 50 Network Battles or play 1,590 songs (excluding missions).
Mystic Forest - Complete the "Mental Storm" mission or play 840 songs (excluding missions).
NB RANGER - Get a combo of 30,000 in Freestyle mode or play 300 songs (excluding missions).
Neonsign - Get a combo of 85,000 in Freestyle mode or play 2,580 songs (excluding missions).
PG-Black - Reach level 23.
PGP - Reach level 31.
Portable - Complete the "HeLLord" mission or play 2,340 songs (excluding missions).
Puppy - Reach level 63.
Ruby Spinel - Reach level 47.
Santa - Win 30 Network Battles or play 960 songs (excluding missions).
SummerTime - Complete the "Reverse Track" mission or play 1,110 songs (excluding missons).
Twin Death - Reach level 13.
White - Get a combo of 99,999 in Freestyle mode or play 2,580 songs (excluding missions).
Winterstar - Get a combo of 69,000 in Freestyle mode or play 1,530 songs (excluding missions).

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding media. Note: Songs played during missions do not count towards the song number requirements.

Effect - Code
DJ Max Portable 2 Credits - Reach level 90.
DJ Max Portable 2 Opening Movie - Reach level 22.
Get on Top (No Cut Version) - Reach level 15.
NB Rangers: Returns (Dance Edition) - Reach level 60.
Outlaw & Syriana Chronicle (Director's Edition) - Play 1,470 songs.
Sound Storm (Pentavision Sound Team VJ Edition) - Get a combo of 14,000 or play 750 songs.

Complete the indicated task to unlock the corresponding note. Note: Songs played during missions do not count towards the song number requirements.

Effect - Code
Aqua - Complete the "Enter the Pentavision" mission or play 2m370 songs.
BlackSteel - Play 2,610 songs.
Bomb - Play 1,290 songs.
Broken Heart - Complete a song on March 14th or play 2,430 songs.
Chick - Play 1,650 songs
Crystal - Reach level 43.
Crystone - Complete the "KIMYS' Laboratory" mission or play 900 songs.
FortunePocket - Reach level 67.
Ice Flame - Reach level 17.
Jewel - Complete the "-1" mission.
Meteor - Reach level 97 or play 2,610 songs.
Music - Get a combo of 56,000 in Freestyle mode or reach level 59.
Prestige - Reach level 50.
Rice Ball - Get a combo of 90000 in Freestyle or play 1,800 songs.
Star - Reach level 35.
Star Capsule - Play 1,440 songs.
Sweet - Reach level 3.
Young Bird - Win 20 Network Battles or play 360 songs.

Unlockable Songs:
There are several unlockable songs in the game, with various conditions on how to unlock them. Here's how to get them all! And thanks to wepon1984 for helping me figure out what some of the unlock methods were and for compiling an easy to read spreadsheet.

Effect - Code
Another Day - Get a combo of 4000 or above in FreeStyle
Brave it Out - Clear "Soul's Melody" missoin
Cherokee - Get a combo of 7800 or above in FreeStyle
Fentanest - Win 10 Network battles, or play 520 songs (excluding missions)
Memoirs - Reach Level 45
Minus 3 - Reach Level 70
NB POWER - Reach Level 82
NB RANGERS: Returns - Reach Level 55
Negative Nature - Reach Level 10
Nightmare - Clear "Bloody MANIcure" mission, or play 1860 songs (excluding missions)
Plastic Method - Clear "Missing You" mission
Rolling on the Duck - Clear 40 songs in Link Disc mode, or play 2730 songs (excluding missions)
Starfish - Clear "Rock or Die" mission
Syriana - Collect 17 different discs, or play 390 songs (excluding missions)
WhiteBlue - Collect all 22 discs, or play 670 songs (excluding missions)

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