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Lord of the Rings: Tactics - PSP

Lord of the Rings: Tactics - PSP
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Lord of the Rings: Tactics - PSP en Favori.

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Black Gate/Mt. Doom:
It is a good idea to have Stealth Of The Shire 1 and Courage Of Sam 3 to get past the enemies. If you use it, you will block all attacks on Frodo and Sam. Note: This is the last level of the game it does not work in multi-player mode.

Gaining experience:
It is always a good idea to complete the extra battles that become available to you throughout the game. By doing this, all of your heroes will be at a higher level when it is time to use them in the difficult later battles.

Host Of Mordor:
When playing as Host Of Mordor, always do the extras with Sauron and The Witch-King to increase their stats for the last level.

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