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Sims 2: The - PSP

Sims 2: The - PSP
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For easy Simoleons- Paint! by the time you've got full creativity you'll get 500 simoleons a pop! Hazel has an easel in her garden. When the Grim Reaper calls, you may have the option to hang around as a ghost for a while, do this. There are some perks which cost under 2,500 sanity points (the grim reaper calls you again at this point) constantly earn enough for these and buy them. When your bored just keep scaring people until the reaper calls. I recommend the Gold pack.

Unlimited alien babies:
When you go in the labortory, go down into the scary floor. Go to the baby's room. To get unlimited babies keep clicking on the baby. You will get unlimited babies! Unfortunely you can't sell them or get rid of them.

Perk cheat::
At the perks screen hold L1 + L2 + Square simultaneously to get a cheat perks that gives you a money boost, some skills, clean your urgencies & full Sanity level.

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