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Warriors, The - PSP

Warriors, The - PSP
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Unlimited rage:
Press Square, Circle, Triangle, Select, X, Left during game play.

Unlimited health:
Press Up, Triangle, R, Select, X, L during game play. Note: Activating rage while this code is enabled will cancel the unlimited health.

Complete current mission:
Press Down, Square, X, Select, R, Left during game play.

100% completion in story mode:
Press L, Select, Square, Down, L, Right during game play.

Get knife:
Press Down, Down, Select, Up, Up, L during game play.

Get bat:
Press Square, R, Down, Down, L, L during game play.

Get unbreakable bat:
Press L, L, Circle, Up, Circle, Select during game play.

Get pipe:
Press R, Circle, Select, Up, L, Right during game play.

Get machete:
Press L, X, R, R, Select, R during game play.

Get brass knuckles:
Press Circle, Circle, Circle, L, Select, Triangle during game play.

Unlimited sprint:
Press Down, Square, Left, X, L, Select.

Upgrade Flash capacity:
Press L, X, R, L, L, Circle during game play.

Upgrade Flashhead:
Press Down, Left, Up, Up, Square, Right during game play.

Upgrade combat stamina:
Press X, L, Down, Square, Up, X during game play.

Upgrade bum advice:
Press Circle, Circle, Down, R, L, Circle during game play.

Upgrade hobo allies:
Press R, R, L, R, L, Up during game play.

Cuff drops:
Press Up, X, Up, Select, L, L during game play.

Uncuff self:
Press Triangle, Triangle, Triangle, Select, Triangle, R during game play.

Cuff key drops:
Press Left, X, X, R, L, Down during game play.

All weapon dealers unlocked:
Press Right, R, Circle, X, Select, Square during game play.

Armies Of The Night mini-game 99 credits:
Press Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right during game play

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