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Adventures of Cookie & Cream - Playstation 2

Adventures of Cookie & Cream - Playstation 2
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Jungle World- cream lures the boss over and cookie jumps on buttons and the logs hit the boss. lure the boss to one side so cookie doesn't have to worry about switching sides

Desert World- the boss is a giant totem pole- he has 2 techniques- first he burrows and pops up and then he also hops high and shoots lasers in the last level. cookie must hit the layers off of the totem pole with the hammer. YOU MUST HIT HIM WHEN HE IS STATIONARY OR IS HOPPING IN ONE PLACE!

Music World- You must beat the boss by continuously hitting the keys where is arms are until the arm moves- then hit the new key. after that doing that so many times it will rotate losing an arm each time. if you miss a key or hit the wrong key his arms will slam down and try to get you

Water World- This boss is a giant fish. Cookie drives a boat and Cream follows in the inter tube. Cookie must steer Cream to get bombs so that when the fish is near by and ABOVE the water Cream can throw the bombs at the fish boss. MAKE SURE TO GET THE TIMES!

Winter World- the boss is a GIANT polar bear. you are in a shell rock thing. if it comes off stand on the button until another one falls on you. you have to hit the piece of rock back and forth and hit the polar bear each time. every time he roars penguins will drop 1 on each side. if you have the rock on ur side hit the penguin with that. Otherwise just run into it. you have to get a new rock shell thing though.

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