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Ape Escape 3 - Playstation 2

Ape Escape 3 - Playstation 2
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Alternate title screen:
Complete Survival mode. In the Japanese version, the word "Tatsujin" will appear in Hiragana at the title screen.

Ape Olympic mini-game:
Available for purchase in the Hobby Shop for 1,500 credits.

Sarutimate Fighting mini-game:
Available for purchase in the Hobby Shop for 1,500 credits. Successfully complete this mini-game to win 1,000 Gaccha Chips.

Unlock Croc Cap and Infinite Items:
You must rescue all 20 hostages.

Unlock Mesaru Gear:
You can buy this after catching Specter. It costs 573 credits.

Unlock Survival Mode:
You have to make sure you capture all apes and catch Specter a second time.

Ape Movie Studio option:
While playing the game, look for a camera with activation pads found in various levels. When the monkeys are not on high alert (yellow or less), step on the pad and press X to get an option to shoot a movie clip. Press X again to get the movie file. The Movie Studio option will be unlocked after all twenty movie files are unlocked, and will replace the "X" at the menu. The monkey studio is found in the Cimian Cinema area of the Shopping District. In the Japanese version, view at least eight Saru movie files in the Saru Cinema. The Saru Cinema Studio option will replace the "X" at the Saru Cinema main menu. Select this option to edit or create Saru movies.

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