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Crazy Taxi - Playstation 2

Crazy Taxi - Playstation 2
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Perform The Second Task On CrazyBox

To Perform the Second Task on Crazy Box you have to perform a Crazy Drift which you do it by Doing a Crazy Boost then Switching to reverse and turning really sharp and you need to do that untill you do 15 Crazy Drifts! Really Easy...

Secret Push Bike

Hold L1+R1 at the cabbie selection screen. Release L1, then release R1. Hold L1+R1 again, then release them both at the same time. Then, press X. A bicycle ring will ding and when you start, you're riding a taxi bike!

Taxi Bike

Highlight the character you are gonna pick and press "L+R" 4 times and press X and you have a taxi bike.

Expert Mode

Hold L1+R1+Start at the main menu. Continue to hold the buttons until the cabbie selection screen appears, then press X to select game mode and variation. "Expert Mode" will appear in the lower left corner to confirm code entry. No destination or arrows will appear in this mode.

Disable arrows

Hold R1+Start after choosing your time limit and before the cabbie selection screen appears. "No Arrows" will appear in the lower left corner to confirm code entry.

Disable Destination

Hold L1+Start after choosing your time limit and before the cabbie selection screen. The message "No Destination Markers" will appear in the lower left corner to confirm code entry.

Another Day Mode

Press R1 at the cabbie selection screen, then release it. Then, hold R1 and press X. "Another Day" message will appear in the lower left corner to confirm code entry. You start off in a different place and all of your customers are in different places.

Alternate Display

Begin gameplay in arcade or original mode. Hold L1+R1 and press Circle on Controller 2 to toggle first person and rear views. Hold L1+R1 and press Square on Controller 2 to view a speedometer. Hold L1+R1 and Triangle on Controller 2 to zoom out to a pass-by pan. Hold L1+R1 and press X on Controller 2 to reset the display.

Pedal Taxi

If you want any of the characters to pedal on a pedal taxi, (much faster)instead of a regular one, choose your character but DO NOT press X yet, just go to that character then press: R1,L1,R1,L1 and then actually choose the character, when you play, your character will drive a pedal taxi!

Crazy Taxi

Press accelerate + Drive

Burst of speed

When you start the game and your at a complete stop, switch to reverse and quickly (very quickly) switch to drive and punch the peddle to the medal. If you do it right your taxi and passenger will speed off down the road. This code works great for getting customers on time to there stops. NOTE: you can do this as many times as you want in the game.

Easy Drift

Drive forward with the accelerator then let go, then tap the accelerator and the drive buttons twice and you should drift with ease.

350m max on 1st challenge

Just start off in reverse then as soon as you start shift into drive and press accelerate at the same time (to execute a crazy dash) then after a little bit go into reverse and do the same again. This will easily give you 250 sometimes 350.

Underwater Passengers

First, go and play the arcade mode. Then go to the beach and drive straight in to the water. You will find passengers in goggles and snorkels waiting to get a ride underwater

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