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Extermination - Playstation 2

Extermination - Playstation 2
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Expert Mode

Find all 15 dog tags and finish the game and save. Now start a new game using the yellow Rear of Compound save file

End boss

On the hovercraft at the end you have to kill him in the water with the machinegun without being infect unless you have much boostershot. When you do that he came on the ship. Then you go stand on the roof en shoot with the multi launch on his wings when he open them for shoot tjat insects that infect you./ Do this eight times then he is death. End you being not infected. Then is there a little men that is scooting around. If you do good you have one multi launch rocket yet. Shoot that on that little men. And then kill him with the shotgun en flame thrower. But that's taking a while.

Item and Bonus

European Version same of the US version.

After to have finish the game the first time(after the final Boss and the End Title),You'll can save your game, but now you'll have a Little Yellow Star beside your time.When you'll use this save, now you''ll begin back your game at the beginning, but this time with :
1000 Ammo for Fire Launcher.
500 Ammo for Machinegun.
50 Ammo for Shotgun.
99 Ammo for Grenade Launcher
25 Ammo for Super Missile Launcher and
Some Health for many Kind of Virus.

Now you''ll begin too with the Six Grenade Launcher with your machinegun.

Get Ammunition

If you run out of ammo,go to the supply room and as you walk in, there should be a door on the corner. Go in that door and got to the end of the room. Go to the panel on the wall and press the action button to activate it.It will say "do you want to fill ammunition" or something like that) press yes and it will fill up ammunition.

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