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Final Fight: Streetwise - Playstation 2

Final Fight: Streetwise - Playstation 2
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Final Fight: Streetwise - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Original Final Fight arcade game:
Complete a level to unlock a new level in the Final Fight arcade game. Complete the main game to unlock all levels in the arcade game.

Unlock Guy in Arcade Mode:
Get out the burning Dojo alive.

Unlock Hagger in Arcade Mode:
Meet Hagger.

Cammy appearances:
Cammy from the Capcom fighting series Street Fighter makes an appearance in Story mode as the first person you fight against in the Japantown dojo. Cammy also appears in Arcade mode, in which she is a type of Boss in the Japantown bar. Also, her drink is advertised over the Bar Fly pool table.

Completion bonus:
Successfully complete the game and save when prompted after the credits. Load the cleared saved game at the main menu. You will begin the game with all items, health, moves, money, and instinct meter from your previous game.

Final Fight arcade game reference:
Go into a store that carries food and look for an arcade machine marked "Final Fight". If you hit the arcade machine twice, the screen will explode and you will hear Mike Haggar sound effects from the first Final Fight on the SNES.

You must talk with the shopkeeper of the Flesh Scrawl Tattoo Parlor, when you are done with the pests minigame

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