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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Playstation 2

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Playstation 2
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Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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How to win Duels:

When you have to duel Malfoy, Crabbe or Goyle (not the statues!!), as soon as they fire a spell at you, quickly fire a Flipendo at them. They can't handle 2 at once!!! (note: sometimes they run out of the way!)

Beat the Basilisk

When the Basilisk first comes near you, move. When he has gone, pick up the sword. He goes through a pipe. When he has come back, hit him in the head, and he lifts his head up. Hit him in the jewel thingy. You lose the sword. Get it again and repeat until he is dead.

Silver Sickle Heaven:

First get out of Mr Borgins Shop and go to Ginny and Mrs Weasly.after you get to flourish and blots where you purchase the standed book of spells G2 you then talk to Mrs weasly.You do not i repeat you do not do any of the tasks ginny asks you to do.
from flourish and blots go to the left and keep going untill you reach gringots. then turn right and you will see a large amount of barrels smash them all and you will either get 15 or 13 sickles.(cool huh?!)

Win Broomstick:

On the second day of school it tells you to go to the Quidditch practice, so go there. Now. Complete the training and get a B or higher, and the captain guy gives you a free Nimbus 2000 flying broomstick! You can fly anywhere around the school, only in day-light. You can't land anywhere except where you took off from. (Note: You can't fly in the school!)

Unlimited Bertie Blotts Every flavour beans:

Ok so when you get to Hogwarts you'll need Berty blotts every flavour beans. So collect as many as you can before goin to hogwarts. try to get 50 because you need it. When you get to Hogwarts buy the Beans Bag so it can hold 100 beans. When you go out of the gryffindor tower you'll see a thing in the corner. Hit it with Flipendo and 3 beans will come out. Hit it again and no beans will come out. Now go around the corner (3 steps after the corner) then come back. Hit the thing again and then 3 beans will come out. Repeat the process and then u will be able to get Alahamora ^_^

Another way of quick beans:

When you get your Nimbus 2000 you can fly above hogwarts and go through rings. A blue ring is 10 beans a yellow ring is 1 bean and a red ring is 3 and a green ring is 2.

Quick Wizard Cards:

You can find fast wizard cards in the Burrow and Diagon Ally. Look for chests. And a very fast way is doin Neville's games. Mostly Broom racing. It costs beans for Racing and Gnome Tossing but it doesn't for Gnome Dunking.

Beat Proffeser Quirrel:

After you've gotten past Fluffy, The Devil's Snare, The Winged Keys, Beat the Giant Chess set and gotten Past the moving potions. When proffeser Quirrel is standing on the balcony go into the door and let him talk when he is finished talking enter the super jump code get the four chocolate frogs and go into the next room.

Beating level 2(getting out of blourish and botts:

To get out of level two you must get the spell lumos and then go to the spot where you were you were hiding go until it gets dark then use "LUMOS" and push open the seceret door and fight the imp and then go and put them in their cages climb on one of the imp's cages and the up on the wall. Now go to the light and call for Hedwig. Now climb up the ladder and use your "LUMOS" to find the trap's in the floor and the go out the little door and when you get out go down the stairs and when you get down, there is a little gap between the boxs and the wall get close to the wall and walk along it that go down to the box grab it and pull it back, the push the button and go back to the stairs go through the opening push the button and go back to the first button that I told you about and go through the door and you just beat the level!!!

Extra treasure chests:

After you learned the incendio spell, and you have got your nimbus 2000, go up in the sky, and the turn down. you will see a big open space in the middle of the castle. fly down to is then land on it. it should have all candles on it. light all of the candles with your incendio spell, and a treasure chest will appear with a famous witch or wizards card inside. you can do his numerous times on the roof of the castle! I have found 3 sets of chests on the roof in different spots. this code really works!!!!!!!

Unlimited Lives:

In the chamber of secrets destroy paintings on the wall and you will open the painting and you get unlimited lives and 100 points for Gryffindor

Stop prefects from catching you:

message: If you walk into a room full of prefects, use a balloon to make them have a look. Meanwhile, RUN!! Another way is if they come near you, use a stink pellet. If you have expelliarmus, use it when the prefects use locomotomortis.

Escape the guards:
When you are outside at night and you find you are about to get caught, try the Nimbus 2000 Broomstick. You will not get a penalty (no -housepoints), only saying go to your`s bedroom and then you are outside the castle. You can get the Nimbus 2000 when you win the first session of training of the broomstick game and you win.

When you see a ghost press L1 and X and they will pass you.

Easy beans:
Get unlimited beans by going out of the griffindor tower and hiting that object with flipendo and get 3 beans then walk round the corner 3 steps past and come back, hit the object, so on and so on..

 Wizard card:
Fly around the rooftops on the Hogwarts grounds until you see a boy standing on an upside-down "p" shaped roof. There, for 5 beans, you can try to break the record for throwing gnomes into rings. If u break the record (you have to get more than 10 - it's really easy), you get a wizard card.

When you first get to Hogwarts, do not go right to bed, use the time to get all the wizard cards from the twins. You have free run of the castle on the first night. Also check the desks in the classrooms, the ones without benches. The class room on the 7th floor will allway give 12 beans, just go into the class room search the desk on the left at the back of the room and the desk on the right at the front of the room and get 12 beans. To refill the class just go to the main staircase and come back. Takes some time due to loading but worth it to get all the cards the twins sell to add to your collection.

Deduct House Points From Slytheryn:
When Hermione gives you the Polyjuice Potion and you are on your way to Slytheryn Common Room, let the prefects catch you. It only works 4 times. At the end of the game they should have 410 points.

Beat the Whomping Willow:
When battling the Whomping Willow, don't atack when it has the car in it's hand, or when it's mouth is closed. Only dodge. To open its mouth, get close to it. Only then should you do a fully-powered magic blast.

200 bean bag and 6 wizard cards:
There is a boy standing outside during daytime and talk to him. He will ask you to do a favor for him. Once you have done it, he will direct you to another student and you do favor for him as well. Same thing and you talk to about five or six students and run errands for them, finding their items. This is not the message board items lost. After you have done everything for the other students the last student will give you a key to the confinscated room. That is the room in the cloisters. (Area next to flying lesson...a patch of grass and a square area). Inside there are a seven chests which contain a 200 bean bag and six wizard cards.

Free and easy housepoints:
After you have completed the incendio class...Proffessor Flitwick will give you forty house points. After Ron tells you that you have a Quidditch match, save game, quit game, then load it again. You will get another 40 points. Keep doing it. I got 1200 house points for Gryfindor.

When you get past the Womping Willow and past that stupid Severus Snape DON'T GO TO BED! Search the castle and in some of the rooms there will be a Famous Witches And Wizards Card but be carful in every room (and every night) there will be the hand thing you faced to get "Alohamora" so go slow. And when you are in that place (where the "Alohamora" spell is) you will see that the hand is flat/laying down well cast "Flippendo" at it. It will automaticly wake-up and it will be the same when the MALFOY MORONS come in.

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