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MVP 06 NCAA Baseball - Playstation 2

MVP 06 NCAA Baseball - Playstation 2
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All level 1 challenge items:
Start a dynasty with any team. Then, enter Peter Trenouth as a create-a-player name in Dynasty mode to unlock all level 1 challenge items.

All level 2 challenge items:
Start a dynasty with any team. Then, enter Trey Smith as a create-a-player name in Dynasty mode to unlock all level 2 challenge items.

Using the Right Analog-stick to throw is easy after you become used to it. The R1 hustle helps your outfielders run faster.

Use the following trick if you are having a hard time hitting homeruns with the Analog hitting system. It seems to work better if you do not use L1 and L2. Try to time the pitches. Start loading your swing with the Right Analog-stick when the pitcher is at full extension. If you make good contact, it will fly without the power swing. Only use L1 and R1 when you need a sacrifice fly or to do a hit and run. It is all about timing. Also, the Left Analog-stick is not used when trying to hit the ball.

Perfect dynasty mode team:
To have a perfect team in Dynasty mode, go to the create/edit player screen. Then, select Edit and put one or more players for each position at perfect stats. Next, make them freshman. Every year, change that player to a freshman and you will have a perfect team.

Pregame options:
In the pregame options, you can choose which set of rules you want, or make them custom. All of them are self explanatory except for base running. There is NCAA base running or summer league base running. The summer league rules on the base running let you take out the catcher on a home plate slide. This is the only difference.

When you start a season and go to the Baseball America Top 100 prospects, it will only let you recruit an average of seven or eight players. All the rest will be unavailable. Some players require a level 4 batting coach or level 3 pitching coach. You will probably not have a good enough coaching/prestige yet, however when you fill up all the things you can recruit anyone desired. If you do not meet those requirement, they will not even consider your college. Also, it will only let you recruit out of need. For example, if you have two freshmen third basemen, you will not be allowed to recruit any more third basemen.

Select opponent's pitcher in Dynasty Mode:
In Dynasty mode, during the pitcher select screen before a game, move to the opponent's pitcher list. Scroll and highlight any pitcher you want to face, and move back over to your list. The desired opposing pitcher will still be highlighted in yellow, and will start the game. You can easily pick fatigued, bad, or left/right handed pitchers this way.

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