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Madden NFL 2004 - Playstation 2

Madden NFL 2004 - Playstation 2
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More Tokens

Use Football 101 and run through all the plays in your playbook to tack on alot of tokens which are used for madden cards

Change Music

Hold square and press L1 or R1 to change the music on the game.

Onfield mismatches

While picking your play hold the o button to set up your strongest players against there weakest players on the field

No Cap in Started Franchise

To turn off the cap in a franchise you already have started get your team extremely close to the salary cap (100k to 0k works for me) but you have to be missing a player you need (ex. have only 4 WR) then try to go to a regular or pre-season game it will say something to the effect of "You need a WR" then give you a choice to sign one or have the CPU sign it, choose CPU. Then it will pause for a second and say "no cap room choose cancel to sign player yourself or choose ok to turn off salary cap permanately. "Its that simple warning though this will turn off owner mode for good

Help Lower Salary Cap (in franchise mode)

To help lower the salary cap,when you sign people sign them for 7 years and raise the signing bonus, it will raise your cap until a certain point then will lower it,raise it to the point when it gives you the most cap and there ya go as Madden himself would say BOOM

EA Bio

Build up your EA Bio by playing other EA Sports games or completing specific challenges to unlock Madden Cards like these

Level 2: #204 Bingo! Cheat
Level 4: #246 1990 Eagles Classic Team

Level 6: #186 Steve Spurrier Coach

Get Cheerleader/Pump up the crowd card

Go to mini camp and beat the game situation. You will get a cheerleader card equal to the team you beat the challenge with

Mini Camp Cards

Get a gold on the different difficulty levels in all the mini camp challenges to unlock cards

Two-Minute Drill points

Accomplishment Points
Go out of bounds on a play with positive yards 50 pts
Special bonus for every 5 yards past 21 on a 30+ yard completion 100 pts
4-yard run (or more) 100 pts
First Down 100 pts
10-yard completion (or more) 100 pts
Extra Point 150 pts
Special bonus for every 5 yards past 16 on a 25+ yard run 200 pts
Special bonus for every Field Goal 3 yards past 41 yards 250 pts
15-yard run (or more) 300 pts
21-yard completion (or more) 350 pts
Two-point conversion 375 pts
Fumble recovery 375 pts
Field Goal 525 pts
Field Goal 31 yards or longer 675 pts
Field Goal 41 yards or longer 850 pts
Score 15 or more points +15%
Score 22 or more points +30%
Play at Pro Skill Level +50%
Play at All-Pro Skill Level +100%
Play at All-Madden Skill Level +200%

Super Bowl 38 stadium

Reach level 19 in your EA Sports Bio.

Do you have a low salary?

If you have a low salary and need to sign in new players don't turn your salary cap off. Because if you do you won't get Owner Mode.One thing you can do is that the computer automatically puts what the player want's in other mode how much money he wants lower it put the signing bones up. Somtimes the player will reject but keep on putting it up bye 10k and soon enough he will accept lower that what he was asking for.(while you put salary up little bye little put signing bones to it's max they like signing bones to it's max)

Bargain Basement Superstars (Franchise Mode)

Create a player without increasing any of his attributes. You can even lower them a little more to make his price as low as possible. Sign him for 7 years for next to nothing, then go back into ‘create a player’ and increase his attributes to whatever you want them to be without raising salary. You can even max them out, but how much fun would that be?

Various Hints-n-Tips

In Owner Mode, when you get to the Playoffs you should raise your ticket prices, food, merchandise, and parking over the expected prise. The Fans may complain, but they will pay up to see your team play in the Playoffs (You need to have the homefield advantage to do this).

Also in Owner Mode (will be referred to as OM from now on) at the end of your season SAVE YOUR GAME, before advancing to the off-season. Take a look at your retired players, not restart your system and trade them off for some draft picks, or whatever you can get.
NOTE--This will only work if you turn OFF the trade deadline option.

In OM your advisors may mislead you. When I raised prices they told me that fans were grumbling about high prices (Don't make them too ridiculous!). If you only raise them a few over the expected, fans will still continue to come. However, if you notice a considerable drop (over 5%) of people not attending you should hold a fan appreciation day. The best ones are the ones like tame atographs, team movies, etc. Anything that has to do with the team will be big. If you happen to see nothing that has anything to do with the team, just go back to the OM menu, and go back to the fan appreciation day menu. Each time you go back and forth you get new options.

You may not think that this matters, but it DOES. Each time you play a game look at the teams roster you are playing. Take a look at their weaknesses and strengths. Now go under coach options and see you gameplain to the opposite of the opponents teams strengths (ex. if the team you're facing has a strong running back, set your team to worry about the run more, if the opponent has a weak secondary, set you O gameplain to be passing). Now that you've done that go to management and tell all of your players exactly how they are to play. If you want to pass rush set you D-line to the pass-rush side of the bar, if you want them to stop the run, slide the bar to the other side. Do this to all of your players, and you will be a LOT more successful in your game.

In OM if a star player is starting to get old do not hesitate to trade him for draft picks. I suggest you do this. While in the short term you lose a star player, in the long term your rookies will be developed into stars when your opponents start to worry about getting new players. You will be one-step ahead of the CPU. For example, if you play as the Rams (go RAMS) you see that Bulger is much younger than Warner and will be as good with a couple more years of playing time under his belt. You should trade Warner for a butt-load of draft picks at the end of the year to the team that gets to pick first. I got all of the Cardinals picks for Warner, and 5 out of those 7 are starters in my second season, 2 out of those 7 are on the road to the pro-bowl, and my rookie CB, is nominated for the rookie-of-the-year award. Trust me, you need to do this.WARNING-Don't trade all of your star players, your rookies play better with a veteran to look up to.

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