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Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Playstation 2

Marvel vs. Capcom 2 - Playstation 2
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Change team order:
The order of your fighters will appear before a versus match, with "1", "2", or "3". You can select the first and second fighters of your team, and thus change the entire team order. To select the first fighter, press LP + LK for the character marked "1", MP + MK for the character marked ''2'', or HP + HK for the character marked ''3''. Then, press the same button combos to select the second fighter. Press Start to continue.

Switch characters during match:
Use the following to switch between characters in the middle of the game. For example if you choose Cable, Ryu, then Ken, but later in the second stage you want Ryu to appear first -- Hold L1 for the second character and R1 for the third character at the versus screen.

Change costume colors:
After unlocking the alternate costume colors, press L1 and/or R1 when choosing a character.

Evil Sakura and Zhangfei:
Press Down, Down/Left, Left, Back, LK. They will have the same moves plus extra. For example, if you do Sakura's first special, instead of her doing her combo she will do a special beam like Ryu.

Bonus characters:
To unlock the characters on the left and right side of the screen in the "?" boxes, you must defeat Abyss in score attack mode.

Use the following trick to get all characters without defeating Abyss. First, buy all the characters you can from the secret factor shop. When no more characters can be purchased, find any way to get 9,999 points or at least 8,000. Go back to the shop and make sure you still cannot buy any more characters. Then, go to the score attack mode, and try to defeat the seven teams to reach Abyss. When fighting Abyss, try to get to his "Third Form" (big red monster) and just let him defeat you. Make sure you have 9,999 points and go to the secret factor shop. You can now buy those characters, who normally can only be unlocked by defeating Abyss. The characters are Gambit, Silver Samurai, Juggernaut, Magento, B.B Hood, Akuma, Jin, and Morrigan. This will also help you unlock characters such as Servbot, Cammy, Dan, Felicia, Thanos, War Machine, Iron Man, Sentinel, Ken, Charlie, Dhalsim, M.Bison, Sabretooth, Blackheart, Spiral, and Colossus.

Multiple character selection:
Unlock every costume and character to chose multiple people. For example, player one could chose three Charlie's and the other player could also chose three Charlie's.

Cheaper hidden fighters:
Exit and enter the shop screen until the price of the hidden fighters are lower.

Defeating Abyss:
Select Cable. For Abyss' first form, just block his attacks and then press Y to shoot. Repeat this until he dies. For his second form, distance yourself far as possible and shoot. Repeat until he dies. For his third form, just use Cables Hyper Viper. It takes off 90-95% of his life in one blast and will be a 115-130 hit combo. Then, just hit him once or twice with any attack to defeat him.

To defeat Abyss in his second form, choose Cable. Keep shooting Abyss with the pistol and keep shooting till you have level 1 on the gauge. Execute Cable's Hyper Viper Combo. This should kill him -- if not keep repeating this pattern. The works if you are fast enough to kill him while he performs his short range attacks.

Choose Megaman, Cable, and Cyclops. Play under the easy or medium difficulty setting. At Abyss, use Megaman then jump behind him and shoot. During his second form, use Megaman and continue shooting at him. You should have a level three power bar by now. At Abyss' third form, wait. He always dives down before attacking. When he reappears, do a Triple Hyper combo. If the game is set on very easy and high damage, Abyss should die in one hit.

Change clock in background:
To change the time of the clock in the background of the clock level, simply change the PlayStation2's system time.

Continue attacking:
Press Start immediately after winning the match to move almost everywhere and have the ability to continue hitting the defeated character.

Akuma Demon Rage:
When at level 3, press LP(2), Right, LK, HP. This is a technical move.

Cable: Defeating Son Son
Select Cable. When Son Son does her super into a big monkey, quickly do Cable's Hyper Viper on her. It will do 50% to 75% damage.

Cable: Taunt
Keep pressing Taunt when you are Cable. He will practically keep spinning his pistol as long as he is not attacked.

Dan: Super Taunt
Note: This takes one level of your HC Gauge. While holding LK, perform two quarter circles Forward, then press Start. It does no damage, but is funny to watch. It is basically two and a quarter circles and the Taunt button.

Dan: Otoko-Michi
If you have at least three or more gauges, press HP, LK, Back, LP, LP . He will then imitate Akuma's Shungokusatsu. If successful, all your life will be depleted, leaving you with a one hitter.

Dhalsim: Control Yoga Flame
Choose Dhalsim and any other two characters. Get the H.C. meter gauge higher then level 1, then do Dhalsim's Yoga Flame. You can change direction of the flame by pressing Up or Down.

Hayato: Profile
Hayato's plasma combo variations make him a strong combo player, but most special moves lack quick recovery time and leave him wide open for an opponent to counter. Hayato's sword gives him decent reach, but only an above -average to expert player should select him up for assist type -- use his expansion type.

Hayato: Combos

Thirteen-Hit Plasma -Sword Combo: Get your hyper gauge to level one. Jump in deep, press LP, while still in the air press LK,LP, LK, HP, Down, Down/Right, HP, Down, Down/Right [LP, HP] for seven hits.

Dark Knight: Get your special bar up to three, then press LP, HP, Back, LK, HK quickly. Do this when no more than half a screen away from your opponent. This special can take up to one half life alone.
Nic Nuisance.

Hayato has three basic combo skills that can be used in the game. No combo gauges will be used when the skills are used. Either press Left, LP, LP, LP, LP; or Left, LP, LP, LP, HK, LP, LP; or Left, HP, LP, HP, HP, HP.

Marrow: Break the camera
Have Marrow use the Bone Burst Hyper Combo as the finishing move for the last of the three opponents. She will throw one of her bones at the screen, breaking the camera.

Ryu: Shinku-Shoryu-ken
Play as Ryu on his recommended support type and get up to three hyper combo gauges. Then, press Quarter Circle Forward twice and R1 (or two Punch buttons). Ryu should perform an extremely powerful electrical element Sho-Ryu-Ken, cutting life down to about a quarter of health remaining under the normal damage settings. Note: The range for this attack must be very close up. It does not have as much forward momentum as a normal Sho-Ryu-Ken, but goes twice as high. It is not wise to use this move on its own. It is highly recommended that this move be used in a combo or when you are positive it will make contact.

San San: One hit kill on Spider-Man
Use San San's Eating special and have the damage on high. Spider-Man can be defeated with one special.

Tyrant: Blow him up
Send out the Tyrant. After he is done with his combo and starts yelling, press the combo for her rocket launcher and he will explode.

Wolverine: Longer Berserker Claw
When playing as Wolverine and you are about to yse Berserker Claw, execute it with HP and tap it repeatedly. Note: The attack will not work every time you execute a Berserker Claw in fight. After doing a Berserker Claw, wait awhile, then do it again. It will not work two times in a row.

Stronger combos:
While Team Hyper Combos are easy and powerful, delayed combos are at most times much more powerful, though they are much more difficult due to timing it to where you get the maximum power. For example, with Megaman, War Machine, and Iron Man, if you do their team combo it will do about a 40 to 60 hit combo; On the other hand, if you do each of their combos delayed and execute it correctly, you should be able to get from 75 to over 100 hits with one solid shot. In order to do a delayed Hyper Combo, have your first character do their combo. Then as they are doing the Hyper Combo execute your next character's Hyper Combo. Then while that one is executing, use your third character's Hyper Combo. It is all about timing and may require some practice.

Over 80-hit combo
Select Cable, B.B.Hood, and War Machine. Use all their specials at once and it may do 80 to 184 hits.

Over 86-hit combo
Choose Tronne Bonne, Servbot, and Guile. Have level a 3 meter and have Guile in play. Press L1 + L2 to do a combo doing 86 to 160 hits.

100-hit combo:
Select Cable first, then Iron Man and BB Hood. Use a level 3 combo for 100 hits.

Over 100-hit combo:
You need four Hyper Combo gauges for this trick. Have Strider, Iron Man and Spiral on your team, in that order. Have Spiral with her ground type assist. Jump in with Strider, hitting for two in the air, then go for his standing four as you call in Spiral for her assist. She should come in and bust face long enough for you to activate Oroborous. Run in and hit standing LP, LK, LP, LK, then quickly keep tapping LP so the Oroborous continues hitting. Then hit for standing LP, LK, LP, LK and once again rapidly tap LP. At this point your Oroborous should be winding down to its last fifth of a bar. Call in the Team Hyper combo. It is not 100% (sometimes Spiral's combo knocks it all out, but opponents can almost never retaliate this team combo), but if timed correctly you will always hit for at least 100 hits. Also, if you get them into a corner, you can then low LP, low HP to air combo them with Strider's midair Excalibur.

110-hit combo:
At the character selection screen, choose Cable, Gambit, and B.B Hood. You will have to unlock B.B Hood and Gambit by buying them in the Secret Factor. During arcade mode, get up to at least to level 3 or higher. When you do, press L1 + L2 and all three of them will do their Hyper Combo specials. This combo will do at least 110 hits and a lot of damage. It works better when you are close to your opponent.

114-hit combo:
Select Gambit, Iron Man, and War Machine, then get a level 3 hyper combo gauge and do all their hyper combos (L1 + R1). It should do a 114-hit combo. If not, try starting the Hyper Combo with another person.

115-hit combo:
Select Cable, T. Bonne, and Chalsm (in that order), then get the level gauge up to at least 3. Press L1 + L2 to do a hyper combo and will unleash a powerful blow. Note: Try to keep the enemy on the ground. Also, this will not work every time. It will happen about half of the time.

126-hit combo:
Select War Machine, Iron Man, and B.B. Hood, then get at least a level 3 gauge. Press L1 + L2 to do a hyper combo and will unleash a powerful blast. Also, try to keep the enemy on the ground. The combo should do at least 126 and sometimes up to 140 hits.

200-hit combo:
Choose Cable, Iron Man, and B.B. Hood and get your level 3 hyper combo (usually with punches in the air). Wait until your opponent gets a striker out, then press L1 + L2. The combo should do at least 150-220 hits.

407-hit combo:
This trick only works if you are using three Iron Men and the opponents bust out a level 3 Hyper Combo and it misses; and all three characters are in the same location. Have at least three levels on your super combo. Get close and press LP(2) then activate your level 3 super. This combo under these circumstances will hit for a minimum of 405 hits, and more for larger characters.

3 team hyper combo variations:
When you select a person's support type, you also change the type of hyper combo they use. For example, if you select Ryu's recommended support type (projectile) and Akuma's reccommended support type (anti-air) and Megaman's type (projectile), when you use your 3 man hyper combo, Ryu will shoot his Shinku-Hadou-Ken, Megaman will use his Hyper Megaman, but Akuma will use his Metsatsu-Tetsumaki-Sennpu-Ryu-Ken (electrified hurricane kick). However if you change it to projectile type, Ryu will do his Hadou Ken, Megaman will do his Hyper Megaman, and Akuma will instead use his Metsatsu-Go-Hadou, thus making an all projectile hyper combo. Experiment with each mode to see which ones work best. A good way to get the most out of a projectile hyper combo is to have Captain Commando with his recommended support type. Because most beam attacks can easily be avoided by jumping, Captain Commando's "Captain Sword" will cover the entire playing field, effectively pushing your opponent down into your beam attacks, even if blocking. By using this strategy you can do as much damage as possible, even if the opponent dodges the brunt of the attack.

Unlimited chain supers:
Note: This trick only works in training mode. Set the combo gauge to infinity in the training menu. Then, start a super and start another one. This can be done an unlimited amount of times. This works best with characters who have beam supers.

Easy special:
When your special meter is at 3 or higher, press L1 + R1 to do any character's special.

Easy points:
You can get ten points a minute if you go to training mode, choose a character and opponent, then leave the game on for about five hours. Note: Do not pause the game.
super samanosuke.

Plug in a second controller, go to options, change the time to 30 seconds, and turn up the damage. Go to versus mode, turn the handicap down on controller two, and fight. You will get 100 points for each match.

To get easy points in arcade mode, fight up to Abyss in any difficulty on high damage. Your best difficulty setting is recommended. Once at Abyss, intentionally die on purpose multiple times. Continue, then die again. You will get 100 points every time a continue is used. When you finally choose to defeat Abyss, you will also get 50 points times the difficulty setting.

Enter the options screen. Select "Game Option" and set your difficulty bar high, choose the Turbo 2 speed, and have unlimited time. Put the damage bar on high. Go to arcade mode and choose any character with Cable (for example, War Machine, B.B. Hood, and Cable). When you begin at the first stage, make sure Cable's out first. Keep shooting with the pistol until your third opponent's life bar is half full. At this time your level gauge should be past 3. Use it at the correct moment and you will see more than 80 hit(s), plus the Perfect. You now have more than 300,000,000 points. Repeat this for the rest of the game .When you get to Abyss, be sure not to have him defeat one of your characters. Just keep shooting Cable's pistol until you get to his last form. On his final form, when Abyss shows up again, make sure your level gauge is at 3 or more to blast away.

Start an arcade mode game with the damage on very high. Have player two interrupt your game. Defeat the second player. This should take about eighteen seconds. Keep interrupting. Every time you get interrupted and win, it is just as if you had the match for that stage, and you will get that many points. For example, if you get ten wins and quit, you should get about 2,500 points. If you get ten wins and complete the game, you should get about 6,000 points. Continue this until you have as many points as desired.

Select arcade mode and choose any of the characters. Start the first match and win. Then, press Start on controller two and choose any of the characters. Fight them and repeat this after every match. Your spending points should be about 4,000 to 6000 points.
chubby luv.

Choose Cable, War Machine, and Iron Man (in that order). When your point bar gets to the maximum, press L1 + R1 to make them use their combo. This combo defeats your opponent in almost one move.

Easy win:
Go to the options screen, then change the difficulty to "1" and change the damage meter to all the way up. This works very well on the last stage.

50%-65% damage:
Chose Ryu, Captain Commando, and War Machine (recommended in that order).Wait until you get three levels in your Hyper Gauge, then let lose your hyper combos with L1 + L2 (or L1 + R1).

90% damage:
Choose Iron Man, War Machine, and Cable as your team, and make sure you choose projectile as their ability. Charge your super meter higher then 3, and press L1 + R1 (default for partner A and B actions). The result should be all three of your team members will use their projectile super move, which will take care of the opposition provided they do not block. Note: An advanced part of this trick is to wait until your opponent uses his partner in battle, then use the attack. The result is devastating.

Choose Juggernaut, Hulk, and Colossus to fight. Get to level 3 or maximum. When you use the hyper combo for all three at once (L1 + R1), Juggernaut should push your opponent's character to the corner. Then Colossus and The Hulk should come down from the sky to finish the job. Sometimes this may fully kill your opponent.

95% damage:
Depending on the damage level, the following trick may also result in a one hit kill. If set on 3 or maximum, it will result in a one hit kill. If set on 2, it will be a 95% damage attack. Choose Spiral, Hayato, and Silver Samurai. Get to level 3 or more to use the hyper combo for all of them (L1 + R1). Have Spiral out first, then get 3 or maximum level. Yse the hyper combo and they all should come out and do their moves. Hayato should do the attack where he hits the ground and energy beams appear. Spiral should do the attack where she changes into every character and hits the opponent. Then, Silver Samurai should appear and slash at the opponent.

90%-100% damage:
This trick works well on Abyss. Select Cabal, Wolverine, And Megaman, in any order. Wolverine usually works best first. Use Berserker Barrage to take out the first form quickly, then Cabal to waste the second form -- just keep shooting. Use the recommended assist types. By the time the third form appears, use your level 3 plus Hyper Combo (L1 + L2 type), and the result will kill or be very close to killing anyone.

One hit kill:
Choose Juggernaut, Iron Man, and BB Hood (in that order). Put them all on their recommended assist types. Get 3 Hyper Combo bars and link them all together (L1 + R1). It should kill the opponent in one hit. This move was tested on Cable, a medium damage taker.

Choose Juggernaut, Incredible Hulk, and Zangeif. When at level 3, let Juggernaut be your active character, get very close, and press L1 + R1 to make them all do their hyper combos. This will instantly kill your opponent's character. Note: This attack best works when your opponent is in a corner.

Take turns using special:
Choose any three desired characters. When your gauge meter is at level 3 or more, make sure your first character is out. Let your first character use their special. It is usually Down, Down/Right, Right, R1. In the middle of your first character's special, press the same buttons to do another special. The first character will leave, and your second character will come out and do their special in the same combo. Press the special buttons again, and your second character will leave, and your third character will come out and do their special in the same combo. You may not get as many hits as bringing all three of them out, but it looks better.

Breaking the house in the clock tower stage:
In the clock tower stage, use Spider-Man's special of flying kicks and punches when the opponent has low life so when he dies he can break the house. Note: You have to make sure that Spider-Man pushes him to the right.

You can also break the house in the clock tower stage with Juggernaut using his Juggernaut Punch. You must push your enemy to the right when the enemy has little life remaining.

Defeating blocking opponents:
Select Cable as your first character with Dr. Doom with Anti-Air Assist as your partner. Keep using Cable's Pistol and Dr. Doom's Assist move at the same time. Your opponent's life gauge will decrease.

Unlockable characters:
The unlockable characters in the game are Felicia, Megaman, Captain Commando, Wolverine (metal claws), Shuma Gorath, Thanos, Dan, War Machine, Ken, B.B. Hood, Silver Samurai, Sabretooth, Charlie, Akuma, Gambit, Blackheart, Dhalsim, Jin, Juggernaut, Spiral, M.Bison, Morrigan, Magento, Colossus, Cammy, Iron Man, Servbot, Roll, Chun Li, Omega Red, Storm, and the Sentinel.

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