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Midnight Club: Street Racing - Playstation 2

Midnight Club: Street Racing - Playstation 2
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Perfect Car

At the car selection screen hold L1, L2, R1, R2 and press: Up, X, Left, Circle.

Unlock All Cars

To unlock all cars, at the main screen press: L1, L2, R2, R1, X.

Unlock A Hummer

At the car select screen press: Down, Down, Up, Up, Left, Right, Triangle.

Unlock Cars

Explore the maps for rare red glowing circles atop few buildings. Move your car on them and you will unlock cars.

Some of these are located:

In London:1. Near the starting point there is a ramp within a building with tons of advertisements behind where you start. Go up the ramp very fast and you'll land on a roof with a circle on it.

2. Locate the red building with a gray turning ramp on it. Go up the ramp and turn just slightly to the right so that you land on a very small space with a circle right behind you. On the ramp don't fall off the top do not go too fast and you'll land in this small area.

3. At the Parliament building the building with pillars outside of it find the window and smash through it find a circle.

In N.Y.:

1. On the South Side above the large tunnel and near the StoneHenge looking structure quickly fly up the ramp inside the open orange building and onto a roof not for away and you'll find a circle surrounded by tricky squares.

2. Near the aircraft carrier there is a red circle in the second story of the building you must jump to get in.

Submitted by Charles M.

Extra cars

Use memory card save of Smuggler's run and possibly other games of the same company, {ANGEL STUDIOS} to unlock hidden cars. Just plug in the memory card and load game. i have verified the smugglers run dune buggy.

How to get on the ship in New York

There is a blue spot on one of the edges. Go on the curve road and you have to be around 100mph. There will be a hole in a building where the blue spot is and that's where you have to go through when you are going around 100mph.

Arcade Hidden Cars

To get the secret cars in NYC, go into cruise mode in arcade, then pick a car, then go to battery park, find the building with the jump inside, then hit that jump at about 100mph, if you did it right you should land on a building, drive over to the red sparkly thing and drive through it *slowly*. You should hear the sound of a lock being opened, this will get you the super taxi, but the super taxi is only available in arcade mode.

Secret Car in London

To get a secret car in London is pretty much the same thing as in new york, pick arcade mode then go to London and choose cruise mode pick any car you want. when you first start off look for a big blue speed sign hit the ramp under it at about 80-100mph if done right you should land on a roof top find the red light go through it slow you should hear a unlocking sound if this is done right you have the Kuruma Faasato GS. Arcade use only

Unlocking Locked Cars!

To get Super Taxi: In NY,goto the top of NY where the grass is. There will be a round building, in it is a ramp. Hit the ramp at about 100mph, you will land on another building. Find the Pink Portal thingy there and drive through it slowly. If done correctly, you will the sound of a door unlocking.

To get Marauder: In NY, goto the warehouses that you can drive through, there should be 3 in a row. Find the one where inside there will be a ramp that goes along three walls. Drive up the ramp and follow until you see that if you continue, you will drive through glass and out of the building. Stay to the right of the ramp and get a speed of about 60mph and go through the glass. If you hit it just right you will fly out of the building and fall into the next building. You want to smash through the glass and land in the second floor of the next building. There you will see another Pink Portal thingy, and proceed as before.

To get Faasuto GR: In London, when you start turn around and you will see a building with a billboard Flashing "SPEED" on it and you will also see a ramp in it. Go up the ramp at atleast 100mph and you will fly onto the next building where on there wil be another Pink thing, and proceed as before.

To get Faasuto GS: In London, turn around and goto the same building as before but take the street to the right of itv and follow it and in a few seconds you will come to a little like town square and on your left will be a building that has a ramp going up to the doorway that is glass. Go through the glass and you will see another Pink thingy, proceed as before.

All these cars can only be used in arcade mode. If you want to save these cars and already have a game saved, load it up and play the race you are on. Stop the race whenever and quit. When you quit, it will automatically save the cars.

The Faasuto GT!

In London, goto where the secret underground tunnel is. You want the end of it that comes from the peninsula and goes to the main land. Have the tunnel to your back and go straight. You should come to a big red building. On one side of the building will be a ramp going up and around a corner, go up it at about 20-30mph. When you jump, while in the air, hold the brake so that you stop on the higher peice of the building. If you land on it stay on it and goto your right, there should be another pink portal thingy, and proceed as before.

Nitro With Super Taxi

With the super taxi press the horn the first few times it will give you nitro but eventually you will run out

Turbo For Jones J450

When you have unlocked the Jones J450 go into a race then hit the horn button to have turbo!

Turbo with Crusero Magnifico

When you unlock the Crusero Magnifico Go in a race honk the horn and you'll have turbo!

Turbo with Piranha PDQ ARi

When you have unlocked the Piranha PDQ ARi go into a race honk the horn and you get a turbo boost!

Nitro Boost

The nitro is explained in the manual and when you set up the controller. You get nitro by calling the hookmen three times on the cell phone for a challenge. After each win you get a different version of the car. On the third version you'll have nitro which is indicated with a total of nitros on top of your speedometer. Some have five and some have four it depends on what your driving. And it resets after you max your damage meter in cruise and other challenges like capture the flag.

Really Cool!!

In a career mode how to get extra cars first you have to beat Emilio and he will give you his car (He is going to challenge you once then twice and call him after the second time and win)He will give you his car then go into cruise for challenges and follow other people for their car.

Unlock Police Cars

Go to the Arcade Mode and enter the Head to Head race for New York or London. Beat all the races to unlock the cars. {beat New York get New York Cop Cars, same for London

How Bonus Cars From London and New York

For each of these codes you need to go to arcade mode and then choose London or New York. Then choose "WAYPOINT" now the following:***Manhatten Bonuses***

BUS: Choose New York and go to Level 12 which should be Rabbid Transit race this and win and you should get the bus.

Ice-Cream Truck: go to New York and Choose level 13 race this and get 1st and you will now have the ice-cream truck.

Meter Maid: Choose New York go to level 14 which is meter maid's revenge. get first and you will have the meter maid.

Manhatten PD: Choose New York but this time go to head to head and choose level 10 which is I Smell Bacon*** you beet this and you have all three new york police.

***London Bonuses***

Double Decker: Choose London go to level 12 race this get 1st and you will have the double decker

Black Taxi: choose London go to level 13 race it win and you will have the Black Taxi Available in arcade mode.

Crown Mail: Choose London go to level 14 race this one with the truckers and win and you'll have it.

London PD: Go to London Choose Head To Head Level 10 which is Yard-O-Rama beat this and you have all three of London's Police Cars.

Purple thing in London

Look around London for a sign that is blue and that says SPEED and under that sign it says MIDNIGHT CLUB. Under those signs there is a ramp. First get a lot of speed be for you go up it. Then you will go on to the roof. When you are on the roof turn left and you will see a purple thing. Go threw it very slowly and you will hear a noise that sounds like a lock opening up. You will unlock a very fast car but I forgot what it was called.

Keiko stuck in warehouse

Once you get Keiko's first car, call her on the cell phone and challenge her. Once it is done loading, you are on a street with a warehouse with an open door. When the race starts, ram her car into the door and she won't be able to get out!

Secret Cars In London

To get the secret car in London you have drive in London and look for something that is red. When you find something that is red on your screen. You drive in the middle and stop. When the red thing is gone you go back to the car selection and see if you have a new car. If you want to find more secret cars you go back to London and look for them.

How to get the Amata {crescendo}

To get the crescendo you have to go to #1 Go to Waypoint, then #2 You have to beat #15 Once you've beaten this level you should have the Amata {crescendo} .

Hover Car

To get The Hover car you have to beat the game twice.The hover car will appear under "Zender".

Strategy to catch Kareem in New York

message: Well first you must defeat all three cars before you can try this.You go to where Kareem drives around and set up a road block with big cars like trucks,vans, and the big Fed Ex trucks and cram them together real tight on both sides of the road.Then Kareem will come and the first few times it might not work, but the more cars you get the better chance of catching Kareem will be better and when it works Kareems arrow on top of him will turn green and he will go into town making it easier for you to catch and race him.But, if it dose not work for you then you will just have to wait for him to get around to you then rush out and ram him until his arrow turns green.Good Luck I hope it works for you.

How to get all the cars in arcade

Go to Manhattan race all the head to head to head and waypoint races .Then go to London and race all the head to head and waypoint races.
Note: You should have all cars but the Zender Type S

Get New York Police Cars Easier

To get the New York police cars easier you have to get the London police cars first. After that use the london police car in the level "I Smell Bacon". Turn on the siren and the cars will get out of the way.

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