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Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma - Playstation 2

Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma - Playstation 2
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Mission: Impossible - Operation Surma - Playstation 2 en Favori.

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Unlock All Levels:
From the Main Menu ,select Profiles, highlight Jasmine Curry, don't select just highlight and press: L1 + R1 + Triangle + Circle.

Can't get hurt last level only:
In the last level when you first fight the boss there is a massive green thing and next to that there is a small vent you might think the big one gives you most cover and you are right and wrong crouch behind the vent and he can not hit you but you can hit him use the sniper to hit him in the head a few times but never use your realy good gun you will need that one in the end once the boss runs away there is another small vent next to the wall this one is not as good as the first but still works.

Find lots of ammo and health in the last:
When you go through doors to chase the boss look on both sides of the door before going on usualy there is a first aid kit on the wall and ammo on the other.

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